Does Web 3.0 Need Web Servers?

Is Censorship a Necessary Evil?

Of course, censorship is not a DeFi specific issue. There are countless cases of shadow-bans, great firewalls, and nanny-state imposed access denials I could reference to make my case. But, whether or not we’re fans of censorship, there are justifiable circumstances dependant on your personal stance. Go fund me pages for extreme political agendas, illicit black market enterprises, and other more nefarious such things, are pretty clear cut examples of content which deserves to be stamped out with swift and appropriate action.

The FreeTON Decentralised Browser-Browser Contest!

Not a typo, a browser-browser is a thing. You see, TON OS, is capable of some incredible things, and through TON Surf, you can do more than ‘just transfer coins between wallets’.



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